New Grading System

The new grading system will be implemented effective from 1 Januery 2011

From 1 January 2011

  • all horses will be graded at the level they are currently with no grading points
  • all horses will begin accruing grading points when gaining 60% or better in a higher level that their graded level
  • a new performance card will be forwarded for all horses

As 1 January is the start of a new membership year for QLD/NT and WA a new performance card will be forwarded as horses registration is renewed

In relation to NSW, VIC, TAS and SA - performance cards will be sent out by EA Branch Office to  all horses that are currently registered and hold a Dressage performance card.

New Rules Governing Horse Ownership

All horses in NSW will be required to obtain a Property Identification Code (PIC) for the land on which the horses are kept. Even if you only have one horse, you will still need a PIC. For further information please click here

New Dressage Tests 2014      




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